Weight saving, functionality and cost effectiveness – combining these factors as efficiently as possible is difficult to manage. In their search for the perfect vehicle body, engineers in the automotive industry are faced with new challenges each day. VarioStruct has taken on these challenges and found an intelligent answer to the issue of an uncompromising but affordable multi-material lightweight construction.

VarioStruct represents a unique hybrid design that not only reliably combines various materials but also brings together metal forming and casting techniques in an unprecedented way. A thin-walled light metal structure is cast or transfused onto a classic body steel stamping. The steel stamping provides the structure and attachment surfaces of the component plus supports the main load. The ribs of the cast structure provide targeted stabilization for the component's cross section, thereby controlling and limiting buckling under load or bending by activating load bearing reserves beyond the critical buckling load.

The cast material is form-locked and friction-locked to the steel stamping. Cast aluminum ‘rivets’ create the form fit. The cast material traction against the steel stamping completes the joint by wrapping around the component edges and shrinking during solidification.

It may sound simple in theory, but in practice it is the result of years of intensive, production-oriented development. A period in which the expertise of specialists from the fields of design and development, casting mold design, sheet steel forming and casting came together to produce a future-oriented technology. VarioStruct fulfills the requirements defined by automotive construction with ease – and is ready for use in mass production.

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