Process Planning

Developing and optimizing manufacturing processes are exceptionally complex activities. VarioStruct presents specific challenges to overall planning, as stamping and reshaping within the casting process must be combined in a single process chain. Developing extremely robust processes that meet both the technical and economic demands of series production is therefore our top priority.

Our wide experience across all levels of the value chain is included early on in component design. This allows us to combine superior functionality with maximum quality. It is well known that cast parts are not homogeneous: internal stresses, uneven microstructures and mechanical properties all affect the rigidity and service life. For this reason, process simulation is especially important and clearly exhibits where know-how meets technology. Our specialists' expertise is complemented by the use of the latest generation of simulation software, making it possible to precisely forecast and optimize the properties of the physical component.

Integrated process simulation is indispensable in developing superior products. Our experience in performing process simulations, analyzing the results, and the derivation of appropriate optimization measures are guarantees of reliable and high-performance process planning.


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