Structural Performance

Safety is not to be taken lightly.
But it can be made lighter.

Five star safety sells well, with the consequence that the requirements for body structures have grown enormously. Strong rigidity with good crash performance, high force level and energy absorption, and optimized deformation characteristics are all demanded. All this, of course, with the lowest possible weight and compact cross sections. VarioStruct has a lot to offer in this area, too. No other body technology meets the requirements for today's components with a similar potential for lightweight construction.

Characteristics comparable to classic structures can be achieved with significantly less weight due to the targeted ribbing of the cast structure. If the priority for the component is increased structural performance, VarioStruct can far exceed the performance values of classic structures – with the same or lower weight. This is not just an advantage in terms of crash safety, it also affects the body's rigidity and operational stability.

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