Lightweight Potential


The requirements of comfort, attractiveness and safety in the vehicle are growing at the same rate as the demand for reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. More than ever, reversing the spiraling weight increase of the overall vehicle is right at the top of the agenda for body construction.

If lightweight construction were a sport, VarioStruct would undoubtedly be the champion of multi-discipline events. The combination of steel stamping and casting equally dominates the lightweight construction disciplines of material minimization, innovative design concepts, production assembly integration and maintaining tolerances. The topological optimization provides ribbing and reinforcement of the component structure specifically in areas of high stress. This includes quasi-static and dynamic load cases as well as the component's natural vibration characteristics.

Excess, that is unstressed material, is reduced consistently. This represents a striking improvement over conventional stamping assemblies, and vividly demonstrates the value of the VarioStruct consortium's many years of experience in design engineering and costing.

The optimized design of VarioStruct enables weight savings of up to 30% compared to classic stamped steel structures with equivalent or better structural performance. Even when compared to pure aluminum cast structures, there is still a significant savings potential, maximum weight saving of over 10%. The future potential of lightweight construction depends primarily on the combination of materials, and VarioStruct will certainly provide excellent results.

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